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gain Talent | Case Study

12 years after one of EnterGain's managing directors advised a group of CEOs to form a trade association, one of the organization's board members came back and asked for guidance on CEO succession for the growing influential association.  Within 4 weeks of commencing the search, the board was meeting their first round of candidates.  After meeting a total of 12 highly qualified candidates by the 2nd month of the search, our managing director was invited to attend the client's board retreat where he facilitated the final selection and offer process.  The hired CEO has since relied on EnterGain for guidance and action on organization design, change, total rewards and talent management.

Talent Case Study

gain Capability | Case Study

One of EnterGain's managing directors spearheaded the development of a series of learning, mentoring, leadership and communication initiatives for a global public company.  The initiatives were all carefully aligned with the needs of the organization's transformation to a digital services company.  Our managing director led a process with leaders and staff that included discovery and needs assessment, ideation and curricula development, beta testing with select employee populations and real time surveys and measurement, followed by final tweaks and coordinated implementation with multiple facilitators across divisions and locations.

Ability Case Study

gain Scale | Case Study

An EnterGain managing director was recommended to the founder of an enterprise software startup.  The client founder and his 3 seed investors engaged us to attract additional team members, and transform the business plan to include a software product targeted to the HR market.  Within 2 months, the client asked our principal to take on an interim C-level role. Within 6 months, our principal implemented full HR support, ramped up a 20 person cross functional team, completed a business plan that raised $2.5M, negotiated an endorsement agreement with a major athlete, implemented and led 60 new client relationship wins.

Scale Case Study
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