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onerpm logo_edited.jpg

EnterGain places Aya Riyad as Managing Director, OffStep at ONErpm

Warp Publishing.png

EnterGain places Jocelyn Brown as Head of Publishing, US at Warp PublishingM

EnterGain places Angela Alvino as Controller at LVRN

EnterGain places Veronique Touzot as VP Consumer Solutions at Datacolor

EnterGain places Bernard Cruz as Head of Finance & Business Development at Exceleration Music

EnterGain places Nick Cain as Controller at Redeye Worldwide

hopeless logo.jpeg

EnterGain places Neeraj Sharma as Director of Sales at Hopeless Records


EnterGain places Melissa White as Director, Membership at A2IM

Audio Network.png

EnterGain places Jonathan Lane as Vice President, Head of TV and Film West Coast at Audio Network

EnterGain places Matt Slifkin as Sales and Label Relations Director at Independent Record Pressing

onerpm logo_edited.jpg

EnterGain places Adriaan Glastra as Country Manager for Mexico at ONErpm


EnterGain places Gerald St. Pierre as
Head of Compliance and Enterprise Risk at atVenu


EnterGain places Doug Cohn as VP, Artist and Label Relations


EnterGain places Michelle Williams as Head of Talent and HR Relations at atVenu

Datacolor logo.jpg

EnterGain places Yazid Tohme as VP R&D and CTO
at Datacolor


EnterGain places Kenysha Bartee as SVP, People and Culture at SoundExchange

hopeless logo.jpeg

EnterGain places Nonafaye Williams as Director of Marketing / Senior Product Manager at Hopeless Records

EnterGain places Jennifer Newman Sharpe as General Counsel and Head of Busieness and Legal Affairs.

Exceleration Music logo.webp

EnterGain places Maria Egan and Vickie Nauman as NED Board Seats at Seeker Music

merlin logo - new.png

EnterGain places Kyle Elkin as Senior Manager HR
at Merlin


EnterGain places Barry Jeckell as Director of Communications at SoundExchange

Beggars 400x400.jpg

EnterGain places Risa Kantor as Director of People, US
at Beggars Group

237 global logo_edited.jpg

EnterGain places Joy Chakravarty as Controller at
237 Global


EnterGain places Tommy Korpinen as Chief Business Development Officer at SoundExchange

EnterGain places Paul Smith as Director APAC at YouTube Music.

YouTube Music.jpg
Exceleration Music logo.webp

EnterGain places Bela Zecker as Label Manager at Exceleration Music

onerpm logo_edited.jpg

EnterGain places Ryan Cunningham as A&R
Nashville at ONErpm

SecretlyGroup 125x125.png

EnterGain places Kelsey Carbone as Head of People & Inclusion at Secretly Group

constant artists logo.jpg

EnterGain places Caitlin Bosse as Day to Day
Manager at Constant Artists

EnterGain places Samu Rast as Head of Sales at SyncFloor.

merlin logo - new.png

EnterGain places Caitie Sarnie as Technical Content Operations Manager at Merlin

EnterGain places Jenna LoMonaco as Head of Marketing, US at ONErpm.  

Music Biz Worldwide.png

EnterGain places Tony Johnson as Chief People & Logistics Officer at American Ballet Theatre (ABT)

Ashling logo.png

EnterGain places Jared Lilly as Director of Development at NIVF & Lauren Kehrli as Director of Marketing at the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA)

niva logo.png
dreamstage logo.png

EnterGain places Daniel Bechhofer as Head of Finance
at Dreamstage


EnterGain places Dylan Silbermann as Senior Director of A&R, Steven Melrose as Head of Creative Services, and John Bowditch as Director of Marketing and Branding at Seeker Music

AIMP logo.jpg
Datacolor logo.jpg

EnterGain places Hussein Syed Mohammed as VP of Product and Market Management,  Nathaniel DiMemmo as Head of New Business Development

Exceleration Music logo.webp
hipgnosis logo.png

EnterGain places Diamuid McCoy as CFO, and Sarah McVey as Controller, US at Hipgnosis

Music Biz Worldwide.png

EnterGain congratulates DREAMSTAGE on this milestone; we are proud to support DREAMSTAGE in key hiring.

SecretlyGroup 125x125.png

EnterGain places Hays Rudolph as General Counsel at Secretly Group

EnterGain places Janely Fernandez as Member Relations and Commercial Partnerships Manager and Shannon Bradley as DSP and Label Relations at Merlin


EnterGain places Sigourney Byrant as Manager HR & DEI at American Ballet Theater

dreamstage logo.png

EnterGain places Justin Bridgewater as Lead Talent Buyer at DREAMSTAGE


EnterGain places Ryan Kofman as VP of Sync and Creative Licensing at Seeker Music

EnterGain is pleased to sponsor and participate in Indie Week 2020.

A2IM 15 Yrs Circle.jpg
2020 Couch Camp for press.png

EnterGain is pleased to participate in Couch Camp.

EnterGain joins with the music industry’s Blackout Tuesday stand in solidarity with the Black Community following the death of George Floyd. 


EnterGain places Aaron Leitko as Director of Artist and Label PR at Matador Records

EnterGain Places Ian Quay as Head of Marketing, US for Because Music

Music Biz Worldwide.png
SecretlyGroup 125x125.png

EnterGain places Vera Savcic as Chief Financial Officer

at Secretly Group


EnterGain Places Jeremy Sirota as new CEO of Merlin

Sony Music.jpg

EnterGain places Andy McGrath as Senior Vice President at Sony Music Entertainment

EnterGain places Cassandra Ching as SVP Business Affairs and Licensing at Tidal

Beggars 400x400.jpg

EnterGain places Brandon Becker as Head of Streaming - North America at Beggars Group


EnterGain places Melissa Martin as Vice President Publishing Administration-Music at Entertainment One

Beggars 400x400.jpg

EnterGain places Jonathon Gold as Director HR at Beggars Group

EnterGain Places April Dickey to head Nashville office of The Press House

Music Row 400x400.jpg

EnterGain supports the strategic planning process for Bucknell's College of Engineering 

BucknellUniv 400x400.jpg

EnterGain Places Todd C. Roberts as new VP, A&R Music Publishing at eOne

Entertainment One Taps Music Industry Vet Todd C. Roberts as VP, A&R Music Publishing

Roberts to head West Coast publishing initiatives for growing music division

EG OPINIONS Bigger.jpg

James Celentano, heads up panel at Indie Week

Facebook's Tamara Hrivnak and 300's Kevin Liles to Keynote A2IM's Indie Week


EG OPINIONS Bigger.jpg

"Start-ups, especially those with tech-savvy staffers, may find it easier."  

4 'Cons' of Working From Home

'Tis the Season to Refine Gift and Bonus Policies

Does Your Internship Program Need a Mid-Term Tune Up?

EnterGain places Richard Burgess as CEO of A2IM

A2IM Recruits Richard James Burgess as CEO

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